XLBet Gives Out Another 2 Main Event Seats To The Malta Poker Open 2010

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XLBet ran their fourth online qualifier for the Malta Poker Open holiday package on Sunday, the 26th September 2010!

After a long poker battle on XLBet Poker, two new Danish players were ready for a great poker vacation in the last week of October for the Malta Poker Open 2010.

The Online Super Satellite was made up of 11 Players who signed up for the tournament which guaranteed two €1700 packages [totalling €3,400], leaving a €1200 overlay. Amongst the participants, there was also Anna Colley, winner of the Malta Madness tournament, however she didn’t make it in the money, finishing 5th in the Super satellite last Sunday.

The tournament also featured some regulars at the XLBet Poker room includingJackobandit who was the first player to leave right before the break. He lost a big part of his stack after going all in with Q10 against Maltahericome who held AA. The flop showed 777Q10 giving both players two pairs and the advantage to Maltahericome.

By the first break, GeoGerba was in the lead with 5,555 chips, while Cacatulimputit29 andLihn were waiting for a chance to double up as they were left with just 1,225 and 1,265 chips respectively.

Following the break it was mrRobboo’s time to shine, with several well played hands, as well as some help from the dealer. Down to 7 players, Tmosse11 placed a bet of 515, which was called by Maltahereicome. MrRobboo answered with a 1,530 bet from the big blind, with AA in his hands. Maltahereicome increased the stakes with a 4,725 push holding small slick AQ, which MrRobboo called instantly. A queen quickly surfaced on the flop givingMaltahereicome a pair of ladies but that was it, he was still behind MrRobboo’s bullets, who eventually took the chip-lead. Unluckily for him, Maltahericome did not live up to his nick this week as he didn’t make it in the final heads-up.

10 hands later, MrRobboo was holding Kings which made it relatively easy for him to callfoufoulegrande’s push with A9. With no help from the flop, turn, or river, foufoulegrande was out, and the tournament was down to the final 5 players. Not much after, the tournament was down to 3 players left and the chip distributions stood at:

mrRobbooo – 17,233

GeoGebra – 8,007

NickyFc1 – 2,269


NickyFC1 soon doubled up on GeoGebra as he pushed JQ all in from the small blind position. GeoGebra called with his club suited A10, but wasn’t too happy when he saw a Jack surface on the turn giving his opponent a pair of Jacks and a double up to 5,500 chips. A round later, it was time for a blind battle again, as NickyFC1 once again pushed from the small blind position holding 55 and GeoGebra called with 22. Once again,GeoGebra was the loser of this bout, which left him 2,525 chips.

In the next hand, GeoGebra went all in from the small blind with Ac3s in his hands.MrRobbooo already had put out 300 chips for the big blind, and proceeded to place another 2,175 to call with his K9 of hearts. J29 of spades came out on the flop and GeoGebrawanted to see at least an A or two 3’s or possibly spades, but he didn’t get lucky as a 3 came out on the turn and a 2 of clubs on the river ended his tournament hopes. MrRobbooowon the hand and brought the tournament to a close winning a Malta Poker Open 2010package from XLBet.

The Final Hand at XLBet - 2 Winners this week!

Both mrRobbooo and NickyFC1 were winners of the tournament meaning that they will be travelling to Malta to particpate at the Malta Poker Open 2010 €1,100 main event. The tournament is taking place at the Portomaso Casino, St. Julians, Malta and will take form of a No Hold’em Freeze-out Poker tournament. The packages won by the players will provide them with Air travel, Accommodation, Tournament Buy-in, Hotel transfers, a daily buffet as well as a choice of many social activities throughout their stay in Malta.

Next time, it could be you!!

Sign up to XLBet and join in the action with the numerous satellites available. Players may see the schedule on how to qualify for the next online satellites by visiting the ‘How to Qualify’ section on the Malta Poker Open 2010 website.

HOT: Next week the Super Satellite entry is being dropped from €215 to €109 giving players a much cheaper buyin to participate in the Super Satellite for the Malta Poker Open. There will be even more satellites coming up in the next few weeks, so sign-up toXLBet for the latest updates and information on how to start YOUR Journey to the Malta Poker Open 2010 – Powered by XLBet

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