Sean Perry

Sean Perry - Malta Poker Events player profileBasic Info

Name: Sean Perry

Location: United Kingdom

Date of birth: 06 March 1965

Poker Roots

Sean was introduced to poker by a friend in 2007, and he started to take the game seriously playing more often in July 2009.  Sean loves the game and all that goes with it.  He considers the winnings as a great bonus to a deep and strategic game.

Personal Achievements

Sean’s biggest monetary win was in the EC Poker Tour Malta 2009 where he won €7,800 for finishing 8th in the tournament.  Sean also had the opportunity of playing against players such as John Texas Houston, Paul Maxfield, Julian Thew and many other seasoned players.

Style of Play

Sean’s favourite poker variant is No Limit Texas Hold’em and plays strictly in tournaments, rarely ever sitting at a cash table.

The greatest influences on his poker style have come from a ‘very knowledgable guy called Kev Bloor, a master of the online game and a heck of a tournament player too’.

Patience is definitely Sean’s greatest virtue when playing poker which he manages to maintain and improve according to the size of the tournament he’ll be playing.

‘Constant awareness is key when you’re playing Hold’em’.

He also values concentration to a very high degree and also ensures that he is being respectful of his fellow players at the table in every game he plays.

An avid live poker player, Sean also enjoys the odd online game here and there.  He prefers live play since he finds it easier to pick up on people’s reactions and finds that in online play, players tend to bluff much more than in live scenarios.

Plays on

When playing online, Sean frequents Titan Poker, or Bluesquare and plays under the nicknames ‘Peskie1’ or ‘Peskie4’

Sean plays live poker at the weekends in Stoke on Trent, either at the Circus Casino, or the Grosvenor Casino.

We had a short interview with Sean about his experience playing at the EC Poker Tour – Malta 2009

How had you heard about the EC Poker Tour ?

Last minute really, online.

Did you qualify or buy-in directly?

I qualified online for $6.  I could never afford to, or justify that amount of money on 1 game.

Did the EC Poker Tour live up to your expectations for an event of its kind?

More than I expected, I was blown away by it all, totally amazing!

May you give us a brief description of your impression of the EC Poker Tour – Malta 2009?

The tournament structure was brilliant , the 1 hour structure did the game justice, with plenty of play for everyone.

The Casino was a 1st class venue.  There was some stiff competition with some really good players in the tournament which was a credit to the people who qualified.  Registration, tourney breaks and food preparation was also top notch.

Did you participate in the Moneybookers promotion for the event?

Since I qualified for the event through a satellite, I didn’t participate in the promo.  Having said that, if Moneybookers, or whoever wish to sponsor future events, I would be foolish to turn down the offer. It is a fantastic idea and good for the game; it brings people together who would not normally do these things.  If someone wishes to take the final table players and pay for their tournament buy-in, it gives the players an extra incentive, and more publicity to the sponsor.

I am only an amateur player.  I have a full time job that pays the bills.  Poker is something that gives me a little extra from time to time. Obviously I would welcome turning pro but this takes time and I am just only beginning to find my feet on the bigger circuit – who knows? One day with the right backing I may get there.  

Had you ever been to Malta before? If yes, was it to play poker?

I did go to Malta on a previous family holiday, not to play poker.  The EC Poker Tour event was the first time that I have played abroad. Malta is the gateway to the Mediterranean, it is a fantastic island with history everywhere, and the different influences like Italian and British are easy to see. An amazing venue for such a prestigious tournament, they both do each other justice.  The tournament was a huge success in my view, everyone was really switched on from David O`Neil the Tournament Director for the event, to the valets and dealers. You could not have asked for more!

A huge thank you to Titan Poker for all their support over in Malta, it was a fantastic event from start to finish, and I hope to see you all again soon.   Malta Poker Events