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The Portomaso Casino, also referred to as the Casino at Portomaso, is situated at the centre of Malta’s nightlife mecca, St. Julians.  It’s also just about twenty minutes away from Valletta – Malta’s capital, and although it’s the most recently established Casino in Malta,  it quickly became the leader in the Poker Tournament industry.


The Portomaso Casino is characterised by it’s impressive setting,  adjacent to the Hilton complex and marina,  as well as it’s access to the grandiose halls in which international Poker tournaments are held.


The Casino at the Portomaso opened it’s doors in June 2006, and it was not long before Texas Hold’em was introduced within the Casinos’s halls as part of the Casino’s game offerings.  After an unhurried start with poker tournaments, which barely exceeded €30 buy-ins and no cash games in the earlier days, the casino quickly positioned itself in it’s capacity as the leading Poker venue in the Maltese Islands.


Portomaso Casino - Grandmasters Hall


Nowadays the Portomaso Casino has daily cash games, and weekly tournaments which often feature €100 buy-ins.  The Casino has kept with the trend and also started catering to the numerous poker organisations looking to host multi table live tournaments for their players in a warm welcoming climate, such as that offered by the Maltese islands.


The Portomaso Casino currently spans over an area of over 1,100 square metres and has areas dedicated to slot machines, traditional casino games like roulette, blackjack, and baccarat.  The casino also offers smoking and non-smoking areas to their patrons giving everybody their ideal comfort zone in which to entertain themselves.


Poker players will feel right at home at the Portomaso Casino.  Games offered range from Texas Hold’em to Omaha and vary from €30 up to €2,000 when international events are taking place.  The cash game action is also very frequent with a majority of €1/€2 and €2/€4 table open daily, with higher stakes €5/€10 and €10/€20 open when international poker tournaments are going on.  Rake for the cash games ranges between 4% and 6%, and this is entirely dependent on the limits being played.


Entry to the Portomaso Casino for Maltese citizens is restricted to those who are 25 years and over, whilst all other guests who are in possession of foreign passports may enter as long as they are 18 years or over.


To sum it all up, the Portomaso Casino is definitely a must for any poker fans who happen to be on holiday in Malta, or those locals who are looking for regular poker action in the Maltese Poker Community.  The casino’s positioning in the market and high standards have proven themselves over and over again, with the heavy influx of foreign interest by poker organisations who host massive multi table poker tournaments on a monthly basis.