Casino di Venezia Malta


Casino Di Venezia

Captain’s Palace
Xatt Il-Forn (The Waterfront)
Vittoriosa, BRG1721,

Contact information:
Phone: +356-21805580
Fax: +356-21667591

Casino di Venezia in Malta is without a doubt, the most fascinating casino to reside on Maltese soil.  Situated within the walls of the extravagant ‘Captain’s Palace’, it’s situated along prominent Vittoriosa Waterfront and resides at sea level with the Vittoriosa marina.

Facing the most beautiful arm of Malta’s historic “Grand harbour” the Casino di Venezia is surrounded by luxurious yachts berthed at the Vittoriosa marina, together with other palaces, churches and several of Malta’s most historic bastions

The Casino di Venezia in Malta shares a stunning similarity to the luxurious palaces which are situated in the ‘Grand Canale’ in Venice, and give it the perfect setting where one can entertain oneself and live out the classic sought after Casino experience.

Draped with vintage tapestries,  imposing chandeliers, and commanding stone columns, the Casino di Venezia’s backdrop provides a setting which is pleasant yes demonstrative of its historic value.


Casino di Venezia Poker Hall


The ground floor is completely reserved to poker players, with two poker halls and a total of 40 full sized poker tables suitable for any variation of poker, from the popular Texas Hold’em, to Omaha and 5 Stud Draw in tournament or cash game mode at various limits

The Casino di Venezia has been home to some of the biggest Poker tournaments ever held in the Maltese Casinos.  Some of the international tourneys have included the European Masters Of Poker, which makes it’s yearly appointment at the Casino di Venezia, every September; The EC Poker Tour, hosted by Titan Poker, as well as other regular tournaments which bring thousands of players to the Casino’s tables every year.

The Casino di Venezia also retains a very active weekly schedule for the local poker community.  By hosting games starting at €10 the casino provides a perfect setting for those poker players who want to experience Texas Hold’em Poker in a professional casino setting, but might want to try a low entry fee to test the waters.

The Casino di Venezia do their best to provide their players with the ultimate poker experience.  Spacious poker halls give players the setting they need, and the tournament direction ensure that all games run smoothly in a timely fashion.

Cash games are somewhat infrequent at the Casino di Venezia, expecially when compared to the likes of the Portomaso and the Dragonara Casino, yet during international tournaments, this changes completely as the Casino often sees cash games in the €10/20 levels,  often with up to 6 active tables at one go.


Casino di Venezia Poker Malta


The Casino di Venezia also run their own monthly tournaments and host many satellite tourtnaments for the international live events held in Malta.  By doing so, they give their players the oppotrunity of buying into such excluseive events at very low buy-ins, and enjoy the thrill of playing against a multitude of international poker players in an extravagant location.