Bo Sehlstedt

Bo Sehlstedt - Malta Poker Events - Player Profiles
Player Profile:

Name: Bo Sehlstedt
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Date of birth: 20 April 1976

Poker Roots
Bo was introduced to the world of poker in 2002. It was a time when he was taking advantage of the very tempting casino bonus offers and decided to give poker a try. He immediately started winning at the game and this gave him the necessary push to pursue the game further.

The mathematical aspect as well as the game’s logic aroused in Bo a deeper interest in the Poker. The copious amounts of money he started winning at the game further propelled his interest to new heights.

Personal Achievements

  • 1st Place in the EC Poker Tour – Malta 2009. Bo won €51,382
  • To date [November 2009], Bo is the only player in the world with 4 consecutive cashes in the World Series of Poker [WSOP] Main event from 2004 till 2007.
  • Bo Sehlstedt captained team Sweden during the Poker Nations Cup in 2007 and led the team to victory. His team consisted of 2 bracelet holders as well as Full Tilt Professional Poker Player Johan Storåkers and the PokerStars Pro William Thorson.
  • He also won $184.000 in APPT Macau High Rollers in 2007.

Bo Sehlstedt – Malta Poker Events – Player Profile
Bo Sehlstedt - Malta Poker Events - Player Profile
Style of Play
Bo’s favourite game is No Limit Texas Hold’em and he is purely a tournament player. He confesses that the greatest influences on his playing style have been his friends, particularly the Full Tilt Pro player Johan Storåkers as well as Unibet Pros – Anders Henriksson and Mats Rahmn.

Bo is an extremely successful tournament poker player and feels that his most dominant skills are his calmness at the table, his adaptability to changing environments as well as his logical outlook to the game. He also believes that players should –

“Move slowly up the stakes. Don’t make the mistake of blowing your talent by busting your bankroll… Even great players have big downswings at times.”

Bo plays both live and online poker, yet makes a clear distinction between the two platforms stating that

“The fun factor in live games is very high…. on the other hand, online poker is a more ‘efficient’ environment, since it’s easier to make money thanks to multi-tabling. I usually play 10-15 tables at a go.”

“Online poker is a much faster game, while live poker has a more interesting psychological aspect, where you can actually get a ‘feel’ for the players around the table.

With such an efficient strategy in his online poker history, Bo insists on not using software as an aid when playing online.

“I have never used or needed any help from poker software, and I personally believe it takes away a lot of the fun in poker by moving the skill from the game towards skills in using the poker software.”

Plays on
Bo plays on major networks, as is frequently found playing on Betfair and Ongame (Betsafe). He usually plays under the handles “Legato” or “Tiltiana”.

Bo Sehlstedt - Malta Poker Events - Player Profile
Bo Sehlstedt – Malta Poker Events – Player Profile

Bo was kind enough to sit with us for an interview at the EC Poker Tour, Malta 2009

What aroused your interest in the EC Poker Tour – Malta 2009 by Titan Poker?
I heard about the tournament through the Ipoker client, Betfriends.

How did you qualify for the event?
I bought in directly through Moneybookers for a good discount and a generous final table promotion! It was the first time I ever participated in such a promotion and I appreciated that initiative a lot. The promotion, as well as the personal relationship I built with the Moneybookers representatives has definitely made me take a lot of my business to Moneybookers.

Did the EC Poker Tour live up to your expectations for an event of its kind?
The event featured an excellent trade-off between plenty of play and long hours. I particularly enjoyed the excellent start time and finishing times on all three days of the tourney.

The organizers did a very good pick with the selection of the Casino di Venezia. The tournament had a very efficient registration, and there was very good food for players to savour during the tournament breaks. The location was ideal too – Malta is a great destination for live poker tournaments, especially in the colder ‘wintery’ months when it’s freezing back home in Sweden.

The venue was very attractive, and the casino staff was a very friendly bunch. The dealers could do with a little more experience, yet overall it was a great tournament.

What can you tell us about the competition you faced at the EC Poker Tour – Malta 2009 by TitanPoker?
“For a €1650 tournament there was relatively easy competition, which is a good thing and one of the main reasons why I came here.”

Had you ever been to Malta before? and if yes, was it to play poker ?
I operate several companies out of Malta and have been here around 10 times before this tournament. I have played at poker tournaments in Malta about a year ago – Three €1000 tournaments which were held at Casino Portomaso, St. Julians. I like going to Malta, not just for poker, especially for the warmer climate when compared to the freezing temperatures in my home country