PokerStars Review

Pokerstars was established back in 2000 and quickly grew to become one of the biggest poker rooms in the online world.  The site makes use of excellent promotions and marketing tools to ensure that they stay at the forefront of the highly competitive online poker industry.

Pokerstars is the largest poker site on the internet and features over 140,000 players plugged in at the peak hours of the day.  This is one of their major strengths as players have a myriad of games and tables to choose from, all with players on the waiting list to make it into their favourite tables. The site features a large range of stakes and also offers users play money to start off with and build their experience.

PokerStars Software

The PokerStars software is exceptional.  Poker players benefit from a seamless experience as the software is clean and runs smoothly, with glitches occurring only in the rarest of occasions.  The software is also updated regularly which ensures that poker players are given the best online poker experience possible. Online players can play up to 24 cash tables at one go which may be resized to the users preferences.

PokerStars Traffic

Pokerstars draws a tremendous amount of traffic to their tables and they often have tournaments going on with over 5,000 players battling it our for the first place, or simply to make it into the money.  Prizes have reached over $1,000,000 and Pokerstars remain one of the best paying online poker sites in the industry, with quick payouts and and efficient customer support team.

PokerStars Games

PokerStars offers Texas Holdem, Omaha, Stud, Draw and Horse. These games may be played at a massive selection of stakes ranging from $0.01/$0.02 up to $1000/$2000.  Poker tournaments buy-ins range from $0.10 to $1000+ which ensures that everyone will find a table to suit their bankroll and playing style

PokerStars Tournaments

Tournaments are one of the most popular games at PokerStars. The site simply provides some of the best online poker tournaments around.  Poker Players may participate in huge tournaments featuring over 5000 players.  Sit and Go tourneys usually fill up within seconds during peak hours only to be followed by more tournaments as soon as one fills up.  PokerStars offer players excellent value tournaments for players who just began their poker journey with daily $50 and $100 added tournaments.  These tournaments feature buyins as low as $0.10.  For those looking to play in the best and biggest live Poker tournaments, Pokerstars also offer daily tournaments to qualify for events like the WPT, WSOP and the EPT.

PokerStars Bonuses

Pokerstars offer a 100% bonus up to $600 for first time depositors, giving their players a chance at building a bankroll to progress in the higher stake tables and go head to head with the best poker players around


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