Julian Gatt


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Name: Julian Gatt
Date: 26th January 1980
Location: Malta


Poker Roots

Julian started playing poker in 2006, and was introduced to the game through a friend who used to occasionally organize home tourneys.  He progressed to online play when he realized that he had discovered a hidden talent for the game and was not finding enough home tourneys to play in as often as he wished.  He loves Poker because of the thrill he gets while playing and the pressure he imposes onto his opponents.

Playing style
Julian is a regular at local land-based casinos and started playing there after about six months of practice in home tourneys and online poker rooms.  He prefers live poker because of the vast amounts of information and tells available thanks to which he finds it much easier to study his opponents, figure out their playing style, and proceed by taking over their chip stack.

Aggression, betting patterns, and obvious tells are the most important factors I consider when facing an opponent

Gatt feels comfortable playing both tournament and cash games. He prefers playing on the higher stake tables to avoid encountering clueless players who are less aware of the game’s dynamics and who tend to push at any pair of hole cards at whichever stage of the game.

Changing gears is also a concept that Julian doesn’t take lightly.  ‘This is one of my strongest assets, when I notice a pattern in a player I capitalize on that weakness and I use it against him.  If I don’t change my pace or style as often as I do, I would be creating an opening for my opponents to get a read on me….and if that happens, there’s always the next hand for settlement

Personal acheivements
Julian’s biggest win to date was a €7,500 withdrawal from Full-Tilt in November 2009.  This was one of the many multi table tournaments where Julian placed ‘in the money’.  He often participates and places in similar tournaments, winning prizes in the region of €200 – €400.  Untill November 2009, Julian had cashed out over €25,000 from online poker.

Plays on
Julian is a regular at Full Tilt poker, his favourite poker room, yet has now started to enter tournaments and cash games on Alfapoker.com