Konrad Abela

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Basic Info

Name: Konrad Abela

Location: Bahar ic-Caghaq, Malta. Europe.

Date of Birth: 18 October 1975


Poker Roots
Konrad started playing poker in 2005 at a friends house with a creased deck playing  with 10’s up using ceramic coloured beads as chips. He learned the hard way throwing himself into the deep end without studying the technicalities of the game before going out in the field amidst the poker wolves. 3 years down the line he considers himself as the wolf on the poker table dominating with a mixed style of play focusing more on the player rather than the cards. A good knowledge of NLP and body language is his ‘forte’ which gives him an edge at the live tables.‘ You cant always get pocket A’s right?’

Personal Achievements
Played various online and casino based tournaments. Had mixed success and overall has a healthy bankroll. Konrad considers himself more of a cash game player.

Style of play
Tends to focus more on the player rather than on the cards in play.  During live play he believes that you can beat any player by using the right table image and betting patterns whilst obviously getting a good read on your opponent before making your move. NLP and body language does give him an edge.

Plays at
Konrad plays $5/$10 cash games online at PKR.com under the handle ‘konradmlmpro’