Virginie Urbes

Malta Poker Events - Virginie Urbes - Poker Player Profile


Basic Info
Name: Virginie Urbes

Date of birth: 5th February 1983

Place of birth: Epernay in Champagne, France

Location: Kappara, Malta


Poker Roots
Virginie has been playing since 2005 and got immersed in the poker world after taking up a position in a gaming company located in Malta. She got interested in the game and fell in love with it after a few sessions. She started playing during lunch break at work with her colleagues and saw good results in a very short time-frame.

She quickly started playing for real money online because she got fed up of donkey plays in the freerolls; Then she moved onto playing online sit ‘n’ go’s, some home tourneys with friends, and finally made her entrance into live casinos.


Personal Achievements
Currently she plays €10/20 online tournaments and Multi Table Tournaments with thousands of other players taking up four, five or up to six hours of play. Virginie loves these three to four thousand player tournaments and while she hasn’t cashed out as often as she’d like, she consistently makes it in the top 100 positions.


Playing Style
While Virginie enjoys Poker for the monetary rewards it may produce, the psychological aspect of the game fascinates her much more…..She enjoys the game because ‘you play with people’s minds, and you are given the ability to put them in situations where they have to take difficult decisions, therefore altering their perception of what is’, making them believe what she wants them to. She changes gears extensively during her play to avoid becoming predictable or giving her opponents important information which they may use against her.

She gives priority to noticing betting patterns adopted by her opponents; she has learnt to value this aspect of the game after thousands of hands played in online rooms. She is well aware that player’s physical ‘reactions’ may be deliberate, thus choosing to play “using present facts like betting patterns and not, on people’s poker faces”


Plays on
Virginie plays on pokerstars under the nick ‘Allinie’ at and you can find her sitting in MTT’s and sit’n’go’s.