Andrea Stellato


Basic Info
Malta Poker Events - Andrea Stellato ProfileName: Andrea Stellato
Location: Pembroke, Malta
D.O.B: 20-12-1964

Poker roots
Andrea started playing poker in June 2009 during his free time. Initially, he felt he had a natural talent to read people but he eventually got more interested in the associated monetary rewards.

Personal Achievements
To date, Andrea has participated in several events and made ‘in the money’ in various live tournament satellites. Andrea recently won the entry ticket of €220 for the Malta Poker Events Halloween Tourney, he also won the €1100 entry for the PokerIdol Malta Open 2009 through a satellite event and made it to the the final table of a €220 Poker Idol side event Freeze-out and placed 9th.

Style of Play
Andrea modestly admits that he is still a student in the poker world yet he gives great importance to being unpredictable in his poker strategy. He follows on the advice he received at the Malta Poker Seminar 2009 from his very first poker mentor Ron Rose as well the poker education he gained from referring to poker books by authors such as Dan Harrington.

Favourite games
Andrea prefers live multi table tournaments as he feels that the rewards can be very high compared to the initial capital outlay. He also appreciates the fact that in freeze-out tournaments all players compete at a level playing ground as they are given an equal amount of starting chips. When it comes to cash games Andrea tends to tread cautiously as from his experience, cash games can tend to be a bit more of a gamble.

Plays on
Andrea prefers live games to online play and may be found testing his strategies at the Maltese land based casinos, participating in the various live events taking place every week. He rarely plays online yet tests his poker strategies on random sites every once in a while.