Simon Legouge


Malta Poker Player Profile - Simon Legouge

Basic Info

Name: Simon Legouge

Location: Paris, France. Europe.

Date of Birth: 21 March 1987

Poker Roots

Simon Legouge started playing poker in 2006 at a friend’s house and from that day on he realized that he had discovered a new passion in his life, Poker; Since then, he has read dozens of poker books, played hundred of thousands of hands online, participated in a well known poker strategy forum, and racked up several hours of experience on live tables at land based casinos.

Personal Achievements

Simon has till this day played hundred of thousands of hands online, he plays 9-table NL Hold’em Short-Handed and has won more than $10,000 online on Chilipoker and Everest poker. He already had TV appearances during the Malta Chilipoker Open 2009 tournament, claiming the third prize winning him €5,160 and also played on a high stakes cash game TV Show, The Chilipoker Cash Challenge. This latter event had blinds of 25/50€ and a minimum buy-in of €10,000. You may follow Simon on his own poker blog ( relating his online grinding sessions and some other interesting [and funny] news about the world of poker.

Style of play

Simon shows lots of experience in pre-flop and post-flop strategies. He places considerable Focus on flop, player’s hand range and betting patterns. He’s also an astute tells analyser. His hand experience results in an amazingly accurate reading skill. On the flop he puts his opponents on a range of hands, and proceeds to narrow down the range on the turn.

“On the river I generally put my opponent on a single or a couple of hands than he can get and I rarely make mistakes, except on some really loose calling station that you cannot have any idea of what they handle. Against them I just play tight and try to get the more money out of the fish by value betting every street.”

Plays on

Everest Poker and Chilipoker multitabling NLHE Short Handed 0.5/1$ average winrate 40$/hours (on more than 100 000 hands) using the nickname ‘SimEFP’