Jacques Balzan Demajo

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Basic Info

Name: Jacques Balzan Demajo

Location: Sliema / St. Julians, Malta

Date of birth: 13-02-1957

Poker roots

Jacques initiated his poker adventure at home playing with his father at a tender 12 years of age, betting for simple gaming chips.  Jacques soon learnt that playing poker meant getting a good read on his opponent, and that any set of cards could represent the winning hand;  Soon after he started playing for real stakes with school friends thus savouring the taste of winning.  A few years went by and he soon found himself playing in clubs, homes, and casinos on a regular basis.  Jacques initially started playing 5 card draw, then progressed to stud, Omaha and more recently, Texas Hold’em Poker.

Personal Achievements

Jacques has played tournaments and cash games in most European and non-European cities including Macau, Sydney, and Vegas achieving interesting and profitable rewards.  He also participated in a $3,000 and a $1,500 tournament at the 2009 WSOP held in Vegas.

Style of play

Jacques plays aggressively and dominates during most of the poker session.  He always sits down at a table holding a healthy bankroll and proceeds to identify the fish.  As the Poker dictum goes, ‘If you can’t see the sucker on your table – You’re the sucker !! Always document your winnings and losses, this will give you a clear economic indication of your gambling life and never gamble with money that you need” He finishes off by adding ‘Enjoy Poker or get away from it’

Plays on

Pokerstars under the synonym JACKOWACKO66, yet he prefers live cash games, as he feels that ‘Interaction with other players is much more satisfying in a live environment’