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Rush Poker on Full Tilt Poker

Rush Poker is a new variation of Texas Hold’em offered by Full Tilt Poker.   The main focus here is on reducing the amount of downtime which players face when compared to playing a normal ring game.

With rush poker, players are given the chance to fold whenever they want during a hand even when when the action has not reached them yet.  Upon folding, players are transported to a completely new poker table where a new hand is just about to start.  This totally eliminates the time that players have to wait after folding their hand.

Welcome to Rush Poker!

Rush poker puts players in a very fast paced and exciting style of play.  Many players often become frustrated when not in a hand, and might get bored waiting for their turn which may even affect their gameplay.  This is especially the case with tight players who play at one or a few tables at a time.  When playing rush poker this is never the case, as players are immediately transported to a new table, with a new hand being dealt as soon as players have folded their previous hand.  This reduces player downtime considerably and is especially appreciated by those players who don’t like to wait for other players actions before starting their next hand.

Players may also try different strategies and keep folding until they have a starting hand which they are happy to bet on.  This gives players the opportunity of playing many more hands in the same time compared to normal ring games.

So what’s the catch? For starters, developing an effective rush poker strategy will not translate into live play, thus any experience learnt will only apply to this variation of Texas Hold’em.  Players may also tend to rely too much on the best starting hands without learning how to play the lesser starting hands.
Poker Players who look out for their opponents play will also have a hard time with rush poker, as there is no way for them to analyse how their opponents are playing since they will not be at the same table after the fold. Trends cannot be noticed so neither can betting patterns or repetitive bluffs.


Why not try it out for yourself! Play Rush Poker on Full Tilt and find out whether this variation of poker is suitable for your playing style or not.


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