Georg Westin                                                                                                      


Basic Info
Name: Georg Westin
Location: Malta
Date of birth: 6th December 1978

Poker roots

Georg started playing poker and card games with his friends at an early age while still at school. He played for small stakes to retain some excitement of the game and succeeded in frequently winning his [less skillful] friends’ lunch money.

Georg started playing online poker when the big poker boom started a few years ago, much due to the reason that he has worked for a long time in the online gaming industry, now as CTO at a leading company in the Maltese online gaming community.

Georg still considers himself as much of a beginner, yet he plays online for a few hours a week and participates in live events once a week. He feels that off line tournaments are more interesting because the social factor makes the game more exciting. He is also intrigued by poker player’s behaviour in the ‘real world’

“I think my greatest strengths are my acute analytical sense, my ability to consider the best option and my intuition when it comes to reading my opponents hands”

“The main reason why I love the game is the excitement I feel at the tables and the satisfaction I feel when winning hands as a result of my calculated decisions. Proving myself as a good player to my opponents also gives me reasonable fulfillment.”

Personal Achievements

Apart from his frequent final table placings, Georg is a successful player in the local poker scene. He recently won the September edition of the monthly €220 freeze-out at the Portomaso Casino taking home €4000 for placing first. He also won his fair share of sit’n’go’s in online poker rooms and enjoyed winning various small tournaments and sit’n’go’s at the Dragonara Casino.

Style of Play

Georg has different main strategies for tournament play versus cash game but he feels that his main strength is the way he alters his style depending on his opponents. He also gives great importance to his mood when playing and recognizes that it’s not appropriate to play when one is in a bad mood, angry or irritated as it will interfere in one’s decision making process – a crucial aspect of playing poker.

Favourite games

Georg spent a fair amount of time gathering poker knowledge on the cash tables yet is currently building his experience playing live multi table tournaments and online sit’n’go’s.

Plays on

Georg plays online at Titan Poker and Poker Stars with the user name ‘Pokerowl’. Georg is also a regular at all of the land based casinos in Malta.