Poker Players Moving To Malta


Poker Players Moving to Malta


With a booming iGaming industry and a number of Professional Poker players making Malta their home, the little islands in the Mediterranean are getting closer to becoming a European Poker capital.


Malta offers a lot of benefits, amongst which:

  • Beautiful weather with sunny days all year round
  • Exceptionally strong tourism infrastructure
  • English speaking locals, and many proficient Italian speakers
  • Buzzing nightlife
  • Very active live Poker scene with international poker tournaments all year round
  • Low cost of living
  • Numerous beaches
  • Affordable real estate investments
  • Tax benefits for permanent residents


Poker players moving to Malta enjoy many benefits like favourable taxes on poker winnings, and more as outlined above.  Malta has a lot to offer and the country is especially welcoming with foreign nationals.  The government has also created a permanent resident scheme to attract foreigners so they may setup up residence in Malta.  For more information on poker players moving to Malta, and the process involved, you may contact us and we’ll help make your move a seamless and hassle free experience.


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