Unibet Open Malta 2011 Results

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Mateusz Moolhuizen is the Unibet Open Malta Winner!

Mateusz Moolhuizen claimed the first prize of  €117,000 at this year’s Unibet Open Malta 2011 by beating all the other 292 players in the field.  This €1,650 tournament was this year’s first stop of the already immensly popular Poker Tournament.  Moolhuizen dominated the final table, and eventually emerged victorious after a three day poker fest which attracted some of the best Poker players to grace Maltese soil in the last couple of years.

2 Big thumbs up go out to Unibet for bringing such a high standard of poker players to Malta, as well as the tournament organisation which was flawless and gave the players exactly that which they expected.

The Unibet team also organised parties for their players at some of Malta’s most exclusive VIP clubs, including Club 22 and Hugo’s.  They also brought Tatjana Pasalic to present, host and interview the players, adding some eye candy to the Poker tournament.


Here are the payouts for the money finishers at this year’s Unibet Open Malta 2011 tournament!
1st €117,000 Mateusz Moolhuizen

2nd €76,000 Tobias Peters
3rd €49,000 Sampo Rynanen

4th €32,000 Rodolfo Gaddo
5th €23,500 Mikkel Christensen
6th €19,500 Adria Maria Balaguer
7th €15,500 Matas Dilpsas
8th €11,500 Brian Linnet
9th €8,000 Rene Freymann
10th €6,200 Jiri Ruprecht
11th €5,300 Michiel Brummelhuis
12th €4,300 Aleksej Zobov
13th €4,300 Marina Adriaans
14th €3,100 Lieuwe Zevenhuisen
15th €3,100 Niels Vesterlund
16th €3,100 Sebastian Haack
17th €3,100 Thijsr Wessels
18th €3,100 Teemu Vihla
19th €3,100 Tim Verbon
20th €3,100 Laurens De Smet
21st €3,100 Thomas Svengard
22nd €3,100 Koen Schiepers
23rd €2,525 Soren Blanner
24th €2,500 Ilkka Heikkila
25th €2,500 Mikael Norinder
26th €2,500 Johan Karlsson
27th €2,500 Michal Ligocke
28th €2,500 Gisle Olsen
29th €2,500 Daniel Petersen

The next Unibet stop will be taking place in Barcelona between the 9th and the 12th June 2011. If you’d like to take part in the next tourney offering by Unibet, take your shot at the online satellites on unibet.com.