Portomaso Casino Speaks Out!

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Portomaso Casino gives a piece of it’s mind!



Malta Poker Events have just received a message from the Portomaso Casino, addressing all poker players who have questioned the cancellation of the Real Poker Club Tour (RPCT) at the Casino di Venezia and the reasons given for the cancellation, by the tournament organizers.

Since the reasons provided by the RCPT organiers may create confusion about the current state of affairs, the reaction from the Portomaso Casino, mainly plays down the apparent reasons given by the said organisers regarding the cancellation of their event.

We were asked to pass the message on to our readers, as ‘the voice of Poker in Malta’ on behalf of the Portomaso Casino, to clear any confusion that there may be about the situation at hand.

Here’s the statement we received from Josef Borg, Operations Manager at the Casino at Portomaso.

In response to the official confirmation of Casino Di Venezia, which declared that the Real Poker Club Tour has been cancelled “due to fears” over the Libyan unrest.

It comes quite clear that this tournament was going to be a flop, and organizers felt safer to blame a current situation instead of facing real facts. Anybody who has a clear idea of what is happening in Libya, knows that Malta is safe and things are normal on the island. The Governments of 26 nations including the United States Of America and China are using Malta as a safe harbor during the evacuation operations, and this should be enough to confirm that Malta is safe. Not to mention that although Malta and Libya are neighboring countries, there are 400KM of seas between the 2 states. I feel that a Emeraldbet.com and Casino Di Venezia did not plan their event right, and now are trying to find excuses to justify their event being cancelled.

Anyone residing in Malta knows that the atmosphere here is “normal” and will remain so whatever changes happen in the African Continent.

I confirm that the Unibet Open that the Casino at Portomaso is hosting in the coming days is CONFIRMED and we already have a considerable amount of confirmed bookings! This confirms that the official reason given by Casino Di Venezia is a hoax.

Josef Borg
Operations Manager Casino Portomaso

Below, for reference purposes is a screenshot of the a recent message passed around on behalf of the Real Poker Club Tour organizers earlier on today.

Real Poker Club Tour cancelled