Poker Site Claims Large Share Of Heinz’s 1st Prize

03/17/2015 Posted in News by No Comments
PokerOff Backer sitePokeroff, a Russian poker staking site has claimed that it’s community got a large chunk of the $8 million + won by Pius Heinz in the WSOP2011 $10,000 main event.
“We have a site where players can publish offers on. We do not advertise this site, we just give the address to players we know and they give it to good players they know so it is like a recommendation. Somebody recommended Pius, he published an offer on the site, at first it was only a offers for small events at the WSOP for like the $1,000 and $1,500 tournaments and we bought them. Then he won seventh or eighth place in one of the $1,500 events, then he decided he wanted to sell more shares in the Main Event and we agreed.”
No details about the exact amount were discussed, yet Max King, who is a member of the Russian based site, revealed on the Betfair blog with Matthew Pitt that it  was a considerably large share.
“I cannot say the exact number and I would prefer for you to publish rumours, because we like to keep the exact number secret, but yes we had a big share of Pius.”
Apart from the share in Heinz’s prize, King said that the backer community had over $1 million invested in three more WSOP winners, and mentioned the names of Amir Lehavot and Joe Ebanks.
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