Malta Poker Dream 2011

03/17/2015 Posted in News by No Comments

The second edition of the Malta Poker Dream promises to be sizzling hot with who put on site a number of improvements that will make this memorable event, from March 30 to April 4 in Malta, with Manuela Arcuri. Melita Toniolo is still the ‘godmother’ of  this year’s event at the Casino Portomaso.

The ingredients for the evening at the Casino Portomaso popping are all there! The casino will also be the set of the first Italian movie about poker, with shots taken during the tournament and a real casting to select some “poker faces” who then will make part of some scenes in the movie. The winners of the main event will take home the cash prize and a €30,000 sponsorship and an exclusive bracelet. See more here -> Malta Poker Dream