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Jorryt Van Hoof - Signing the felt at the Malta Poker Open


We’ve heard some great news this week – Dutchman, Jorryt van Hoof – 2nd prize winner at the Malta Poker Open 2010 has just been elected as a Full Tilt Poker Pro!

We got to know Jorryt during the Malta Poker Open 2010, where he was the runner up at the MPO yearly tournament, winning €15,000 for placing second.

That was October 2010 – fast forward to March 2011, and Jorryt is now a new member of the Full Tilt Pro team.  Jorryt is mainly a cash game player, but has also had some great results in tournaments like the Dutch Open 2006, where he made it to 7th place winning over €47,000.  He also made 4 WSOP money finishes, proving that skill at the poker table delivers results after a good dose of dedication and hard work.

NederPokerJorryt also runs his own Poker site, Nederpoker, which is aimed at coaching Dutch players how to play the game of poker profitably.  Jorryt has lived in Eindhoven, before leaving to Dublin, after which we moved to the warm Maltese islands.

We contacted Jorryt to congratulate him about the new stage in his poker career and to find out more about his step up to a Full Tilt Pro member.

Jorryt Van Hoof - Final Table at the Malta Poker OpenMPE:When did you first start to play poker seriously, and what was your bankroll when you first began? Who has been your biggest influence in poker?

JVH: I started playing poker seriously about 6-7 years ago. During the first week that I played, I got really lucky and won some small tournaments. In the first year I nearly busted my roll a couple times but poker was still a hobby so it wasn’t that bad. After losing 23k at the end of the first year I decided to take poker more seriously. I started playing SNG’s for a few months, then switched to cashgames.

I didnt have much outside influence except for my friends back then who also played poker. We just played a lot of hours and thought every decision through.

MPE: Do you find it tougher to play online poker because of the speed of the game, compared to live play where you have much more time to make your decisions?

JVF: It just seemed to be the other way around for me. I was always used to online poker, when playing live I often felt kind of bored and started playing too loosely. I’ve grown more patient now, patience is of course one of the main skills for a live player.

MPE: You must have dreamt about becoming a Full Tilt Pro a while back, did you ever imagine that you would get to reach this goal?

JVF: Haha, well I have been imagining it for a few months now at least 🙂 The first time I talked to the Full Tilt consultant was over 6 months ago. A few weeks ago I knew I was going to be Full Tilt Pro and last week the news finally got out.

MPE: What did it take to become a Full Tilt Poker Pro, and now that you’re in this post what does it feel like?

JVH: I think I am appreciated because I consistently beat the mid/high stakes, for over 6 years already. Obviously I feel great about being a Full Tilt Pro. Looking forward to the WSOP a lot!

Jorryt Van Hoof - Full Tilt Poker Pro

MPE: What is expected of you as a Full Tilt Pro? What is your typical ‘day at work’ like?

JVH: I will be playing live tournaments, wearing the Full Tilt logo of course. I will also be blogging quite a lot and I will become more active on social media.  For my training I will be producing a lot of strategic content on Full Tilt Poker.

MPE: What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of giving up their job to take up poker professionally?

JVH: Make sure you don’t have to cashout for at least a year (no financial pressure on your bankroll). Make sure you know that you consistently beat your games.

MPE: What influenced you choice to move to Malta? and what do you think about life in Malta on the whole?

JVH: Nice weather, nice people, some live poker, and it’s still pretty close to Holland.  I really enjoy living in Malta. Obviously the weather is much better here then back in the Netherlands. Furthermore the people are really friendly in general. I live in St. Julians so everything you would need is within 5-10mins walking distance, a gymn, cinema, shops, restaurants etc. And of course you can find some decent action at the casinos pretty frequently 🙂

MPE: What are your thoughts about  Poker in Malta?
JVH: When there is a tournament week there’s pretty good action. Nice tournaments and good cashgames throughout I would say.

MPE: How about you’re your future plans…does Malta fit in the picture?
JVH: I just signed a new lease for a renting contract so for the near future, yes 🙂 I don’t think I will leave Malta in the next few years. After that we’ll have to see.

MPE: Thanks for you time, and good luck on this new chapter in your Poker Journey!
JVH: Thanks!

You can find Jorryt at the Full Tilt Poker tables.  Get an acount and start playing now!

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