EMOP 2010 – Malta

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EMOP 2010

Grand Finale at Casino di Venezia, Malta
EMOP Poker Tournament has made it’s debut on Maltese soil in 2009 with the European Masters of Poker, Malta, which was held at the Casino di Venezia, Malta last year. The tournament was a massive success with the greatest prize-pool ever reached in a Maltese tournament. The event attracted 291 players for a total pay-out of €436,500.
Krzysztof Grubka from Poland, and Joakim Sorensen from Sweden, were the last two players in the tournament, and struck a deal rather than going for a heads up at the final table. Grubka went home with €95,000 and Sorensen took home €88,300 for his efforts.

EMOP Malta 2010
The EMOP is making it’s return on the Maltese Islands for 2010, where the Casino Di Venezia will be hosting the Grand Finale of the already very popular international tournament. Following the busy months of September and October with the Swedish Poker Championship and the Malta Madness tournaments, the Casino di Venezia is already on their third international tournament this Autumn.
EMOP Malta 2010 will be held in the brand new poker hall of the Casino di Venezia, a new, one of a kind structure sporting a contemporary ambient and poker themed designs.

EMOP Malta 2010 – Poker tournament details
The EMOP poker tournament will feature a €1,500+150 buy-in and will take place between the 17th and 20th November. The main event will be spread out across four days with a vast array of side events to keep ther action going between the main event play. Cash games are also on the itinerary adding to the already action packed shcedule of the event. The Casino di Venezia will open it’s doors from 12pm to 6am for the entire duration of the tournament and courtesy transfers will also be provided to all players participating in the tournament and side events.
EMOP Malta 2010 poker tournament packages may be obtained online by contactingtournaments@casinodivenezia.com.mt and further information regarding the event may be acquired on the official site of Casino di Venezia – www.casinodivenezia.com.mt
EMOP 2010 – Main Event Dates:
16 Nov 20:00 Super Satellite €150+20 (Rebuys €100 + Addon)
17 Nov 15:00 Day 1A €1,500+150
18 Nov 15:00 Day 1 B
19 Nov 15:00 Day 2
20 Nov 15:00 Final table
EMOP 2010 – Side Events:
18 Nov, 18:00 – €200+20 Texas NL Turbo
19 Nov, 18:00 – €400+40 Texas NL (2 days tournament)
20 Nov, 15:00 – €400+40 Texas NL, Day 2
20 Nov, 16:00 – €100 Texas NL Turbo, Rebuy

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