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So! You’ve heard about MyPokerBlog, one of the main collaborators for the Malta Poker Open 2010, and you want to know more.  Malta Poker Events had a ‘sit-down’ with Jonathan Vincentz, CEO of MyPokerBlog and Pokernet.DK – Denmark’s biggest poker forum – to tell it like it is!  Kepe reading to find out more about poker coaching, ‘handpicked scandinavian models’, the Malta Poker Open 2010 and MyPokerBlog, the freshest poker site launched this Autumn!


Malta Poker Events (MPE) and Jonathan Vincentz (JV).
MPE: So why did you choose to go into this collaboration for the
Malta Poker Open?
JV: Recently we’ve started to notice much more activity in the Maltese poker communities and live games.  Malta Poker Events clearly stood out as the driver of this new and favourable trend with spot on promotions, tournaments and great planning every time.  We wanted to become a bigger part of live tournaments in Malta, and when the possibility arose to work with Malta Poker Events it was a no brainer for us.  From the work we have done together, I am happy to say that my experience with Malta Poker Events in every aspect lives up to their reputation.


MPE: Thanks! So, can you tell our readers what you are contributing to this event?
JV: MyPokerBlog is delivering players to the €1,100 Main Event and the ladies tournament – PokerQueen of the Rock.  We are promoting the Malta Poker Open 2010 – Powered by XLBet on our Danish poker forum “” and converting traffic from there toMyPokerBlog that hosts the official landing page of Malta Poker Open 2010 – This brings greater visibility to MyPokerBlog.  By organizing a celebrity coaching promotion, and setting up a scenario where visitors can follow the celebrities every move on the blog, we make this a more interesting site for everyone – not to mention that two of our special guests include Miss Denmark and Miss Norway who will also be playing at the event. That should be a win for everyone!


Pokernet.dkMPE: How does that celebrity coaching promotion work?
JV: We have handpicked 3 beautiful famous Scandinavian models and we will give them a poker coach each from’s “PokerNet Experts”. The teams will blog at MyPokerBlog about their progress, and based on that you can vote for the team you are cheering for.  You may even place a beton XLBet if any of them makes it to the final table.  Bets will range from who lasts longer than the others or if any of our celebrities will even win the PokerQueen of the Rock tournament that is taking place Friday 29th of October 2010. By flying 3 beautiful modelsin to the Malta Poker Open, plus our coaches and a long list of other Danish players, we are starting a tradition and trying to make Malta Poker Open the home field for Danish players.


MPE: Why is Malta interesting for Danish players? It is pretty far away?
JV: The Danish legislation is hard on poker and it is tightening up. Tournaments like the Malta Poker Open are not allowed, so with direct flights and partners that we trust, Malta is a better, warmer and in every way an attractive alternative to the shady home gamesin Danish basements. Malta has the potential to become the Mediterranean Macau with itsfantastic location, perfect climate and humane legislation on poker.


MPE: So will you be playing the Malta Poker Open 2010 yourself?
JV: I might try to qualify through some of the many qualifiers either on XLBet Poker or live at the Portomaso Casino where Malta Poker Events has set up live qualifiers too. We will surely be represented at the tables with people from inside the company, and I’m looking forward to teaching these Maltese and Italian stallions a poker lesson or two.


MPE: What is your advice for people who want to play the tournament? 
JV: First of all, use the qualifiers on XLBet like I will. XLBet is an iPoker skin and will be sending tons of players to this tournament, so why not benefit from that? Second of all, use the thorough information about Malta on the landing page on MyPokerBlog, as it will tell you what you need to know before coming here. And finally, sign up sooner than later as it might be crowded! We will send a delegation of hungry Danish players trying to catch the last of the summer, and enjoy the atmosphere in the new Mediterranean Macau.


MPE: So will we see a Danish winner at Malta Poker Open?
JV: If people do not fear the Danish delegation, they haven’t been keeping up with poker results the last 5 years. Even though Denmark will be heavily outnumbered by Italians, Spanish players and very skilled Maltese players, I will say yes, we will see 3 Danish players on the Final Table and eventually have one of them as a winner of the tournament.


MPE: Will it be you?
JV: You never know. Will it be you?
If you haven’t done so already, goto MyPokerBlog and see why this poker site is shaping up to be one of the leaders in the online poker community.  With an innovative approach and lots of tools for poker players to use, it’s bound to become a poker player’s best friend!


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