Alex Chrilles Wins A Malta Poker Open Holiday Package!

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On Sunday the 12th September, ran their second online qualifier for the Malta Poker Open holiday package.

Amongst the players present were two players who started their journey at 14:00 (CET) in a big valued Cheaproll, where only 18 players paid €2.2 each to play for prizes for a total of €440! Watch out as XLBet also offers this Cheaproll next Sunday! The 10 winners from the Cheaproll were ready to play for €215 tickets at 16:00 (CET). Tomplads and babylove26 were the winners and could continue their journey until the final satellite, and a battle for a €1700 Malta Poker Open holiday package.

The Super satellite started at 21:00 (CET) and apart from the two qualified players, six other players were ready to play-meaning that there was an overlay of €100 in the tournament. XLBet poker manager, Martin Hilstrup, afterwards stated that it could be even bigger next Sunday as XLBet will increase the numbers of guaranteed packages to two, and without a minimum of players!

Whilst the previous Sunday’s [5th September] Super Satellite started out a bit soft, this Sunday [12th September] it opened up with aggressive bets, reraises, calls, and all ins. We quickly saw the first player out – jakobandit, a Danish player, who seemed to be in a good position as he went all in on the turn with AK against hsbc2 who was holding KQ on a KK64 table. Unluckily for jakobandit hsbc2 took down the 5000 pot with a queen on the river. A couple of minutes later, hsbc2 was again the killer holding Ah8h and knocked out Tomplads (with pocket 3 in the hand).They went all in on 7h5h4d board, turn was 2s, but with river as a 4 of hearts, hsbc2 was off for a massive chiplead.

Hsbc2 then almost took out THXU4PIZZ4, when he flopped the straight with A2 on 345 board, but a deuce on the river turned THUXU4PIZZ4’s pocket sixes into the better hand. THUXU4PIZZ4 was soon after the winner of a big pot when he knocked out Malta based Danish girl – kittyana, with QQ against AK on 8KQ flop.

Players on break at the qualifier for the Malta Poker Open on!

With such aggressive plays at the table, we were soon down to three players- hsbc2, vapse and babylove. Babylove was fighting hard for some time as the shortstacked player, but had to resign after a lost coinflip holding AJ against hsbc2’s pocket sevens. It seemed good when a Jack arrived on the flop, but the second Malta based girl at the tourney could see herself drawing dead when a seven went in on the turn.

We were ready for the Heads Up – the Malta based Danish poker pro hsbc2 was grinding down fellow Danish man Vapse. It was all over when hsbc2 opened with pocket nines for 1050, on vapse´s 400 BB.  Vapse had an easy push holding AK – pushed once again; The Kournikova hand seemed good, but did not win, as hsbc2 had some snap call karma, hitting his set on the flop.

And we have a winner! Alex Chrilles wins a holiday package to the Malta Poker Open 2010!

After winning the final hand, hsbc2 aka the Danish Malta based pokerpro Alex Chrilles, said that he was happy to win and was already excited about going to play at the Malta Poker Open – Powered by XLBet. He revealed that it has been more than a year since he participated at a big live event, so he is really fired up to finally be back at the green felt.

Alex Chrilles - Winner of a Malta Poker Open Holiday package on!

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