September 2010 – Casino di Venezia – Malta Madness by PokerIdol


Malta Madness - Qualify  now with Malta Poker Events
Malta Madness Poker Tournament – are back with another live tournament which is scheduled to take place at the Casino di Venezia during September 2010.

The event will feature many fresh surprises which are sure to make it one of the most interesting live poker tournaments held in Malta this year.

PokerIdol are offering their players 2 tournaments, one of which is a team tournament. The first of it’s kind to ever be hosted in Maltese Lands Based Casinos. There will also be a regular Texas Hold’em event taking place on 2 days, which will be followed by a smaller tournament as the side event.

Poker Idol has really focused on the fun factor with their selection of activities for the Malta Madness players. In addition to the poker tournaments, Poker Idol is also hosting a Boat Party for players to socialise and interact in a more relaxed atmosphere while cruising the coast of the Maltese Islands.

The event details for the Malta Madness tournament may be found below.

Tournament: Malta Madness
Venue: Casino Di Venezia
Dates: 22nd – 25th September 2010
Tournament schedule

Team tournament
Wednesday 22/9-2010
per team
Boat party
Thursday 23/9-2010
Satellite to Main Event
Thursday 23/9-2010
Main event Day 1
Friday 24/9-2010
Main event Day 2
Saturday 24/9-2010
Side event
Saturday 24/9-2010


Malta Madness - Qualify Now - Malta Poker Events

Team Tournament Details
The Malta Madness team tournament has been structured to focus on the team aspect of our favourite card game, and this is a first as it’s rarely ever done in poker tournaments.  By participating at a team event, players have a direct influence over their team-mates decisions where unique strategies can be planned which will undoubtedly give some teams a true and proper edge.

Teams will be made up of 3 players who will be identified through their similar coloured/themed costumes.  Every team will be allocated 30,000 tournament chips which will be distributed to players at the team’s preference.  At breaks, players can swap seats with their team members and they will also be allowed one chip dump with not more than 25% going to their weakest link.

The final table is expected to see some explosive action as busted team-mates will be in a position to re-join the game until the tournament is over.  Every team will be given two 60 second time-outs in which players can share their hand with their team-mates and discuss the best strategy for the cards at hand.

Malta Madness - Qualify Now - Malta Poker Events
Team Tournament Rules:
One one team member will be allowed at every table and in the case that tables are merged with two team members, the team must decide which one of the two will sit at the table and which player will go to the rail.  All the team chips will be given to the player sitting at the table.
Teams have to inform the management of the starting stacks up to 1 hours before the tournament kicks off.  Failure to do so will result in an equal split amongst players.
Chip dumps MUST be carried out by the management, otherwise you face disqualification.

Once a player loses all his chips, he/she is out of the event. Chips dumps cannot bring a player back from the rail, with the exception of the final table.

Main Event
The Main Event of the Malta Madness Poker Tournament at the Casino Di Venezia will see a total transformation of the poker room, supported through creative mood lighting and décor to intensify the ambient.

Players will be given 20,000 chips and will enjoy 60 minute blind levels, under the watchful eye of experienced tournament directors, croupiers and the casino management.


Malta Madness - Qualify Now - Malta Poker Events
TV table
The highlight of the event rests in the fact that the event will be fully televised and the final table will be streamed live over the internet featuring full commentary.  Poker journalists from all over Europe are expected to attend the event giving player a chance at really becoming a Poker Idol!

Online qualifiers
PokerIdol is giving their players a chance to qualify for the event with satellites starting from $2.  All players have to do is download the poker client and open a real money account.

PokerIdol offers all players the chance to qualify. Simply download our software and open a real money account. Then check the below schedule for our daily qualifiers, starting at $2. The schedule will be published on Saturday, 5th of June 2010.

Boat Party
An Exclusive Boat party is also being co-ordinated by Poker Idol and Monster Energy Drinks.  The party is available for all the players who earned or bought a package through Poker Idol. The boat party will be fully stacked with a free buffet and an open bar serving the best brands to satisfy player’s requirements.  The Boat Party will start at 14:00hrs on the 25th September and will slowly tour the Maltese Waters till 20:00.  Players wishing to play poker may also be dropped off at the casino at 18:00hrs.


Malta Madness - Qualify Now - Malta Poker Events
Direct Buy-in
Players may buy-in directly for the PokerIdol Malta Madness Poker Tournament.  There are 3 options to do so listed below.

OPTION 1  – Direct Transfer [Tournament Buy-in only]
Transfer €1100 to our account (for the tournament buy-in only)


OPTION 2 –  Direct Transfer [Tournament Buy-in + Accommodation + Boat Party + Transfer to/from Boat]
Transfer €1700 to PokerIdol’s account (Includes tournament Buy-in, 3 nights stay for two people at the 4 Star Hotel Fortina (breakfast included), VIP invite to the PokerIdol Boat Party which includes open bar, buffet Friday and Saturday and boat transport to casino from hotel.)


OPTION 3  – Player Account Transfer
You can also contact to make the buy-in from your Player Account at

Write your full name when transfering the amount. Send an e-mail when you have made the transfer to confirm.
Account Details for online transfer
Account No: 4001841645-5 POKERIDOL LIMITED
IBAN: MT31 VALL 2201 3000 0000 4001 8416 455