March/April 2011 – Malta Poker Dream – Portomaso Casino


Malta Poker Dream 2011

The second edition of the Malta Poker Dream promises to be sizzling hot with who put on site a number of improvements that will make this memorable event, from March 30th to April 4th in Malta, with Manuela Arcuri. Melita Toniolo is still the ‘godmother’ of  this year’s event at the Casino Portomaso.


The ingredients for the evening at the Casino Portomaso popping are all there! The casino will also be the set of the first Italian movie about poker, with shots taken during the tournament and a real casting to select some “poker faces” who then will make part of some scenes in the movie. The winners of the main event will take home the cash prize and a €30,000 sponsorship and an exclusive bracelet.



Hereunder are some further details of the events

Malta Poker Dream 2011



On this occasion is giving away 3 sponsorships for the season, the first and largest given to the winner of the Main, the second for the who wins the Ladies Event, the third winner of the tournament for the Heads-Up OnLive, made deep tournament and cash game a special event.


Available on are also online satellites to qualify for the Main Event with evening tournaments from € 100 buy-in, Main edition to be played with a deep stack of 50,000 chips and levels will be from 50 minutes, then climbing to 60 in day2 and 75 minutes for the final table.


Here are the details of Tournaments:


Main Event (bracelet event)

Buy-in : 1100€ Buy-in: 1100 €

Stack: 50,000

Levels: 50 minutes the first day and day 1b / 60 minutes day 2, day 3 and day 4 / 75 minutes Final Table

Five-day event.

Cap 250 for day1 and 250 for day1b. added to the prize for first place € 30,000 in sponsorship and entry into the Pro Team


Ladies Event (bracelet event)

Access only to women

Buy-in € 170

Stack: 10,000

Levels: 20 minutes

One day event

Cap 32 added to the prize for first place a sponsorship to a point on the circuit Betpro Live Poker Tour (Buy on Flight + Hotel +) and entry into the Pro Team


Heads Up onlive (bracelet event)

Tournament BetPro Heads Up on the platform. To participate you must have an account with 100 € available. Board and draw knockout.

Buy-in € 100

Stack: 5,000

Levels: 10 minutes

Two-day event

Cap 64 added to the prize for the winner € 5,000 in sponsorship in the circuit Betpro Live Poker Tour and entry into the Pro Team


Cash Game WTA (bracelet event)

Cash game tournament, you enter with 2000 €, you can not leave the table, the last player in wins the entire pot. No re-buys, No rake only the initial fee.

Buy-in € 2200

Stack: 2000

Level: 5 € – 10 €

One day event

Cap 10


550 Side Event

Buy-in € 550

Stack: 20,000

Levels: 30 minutes

Two-day event

Cap 60


Side Knockout event 330

Texas Hold’em freezeout tournament with € 100 in size for each elimination run

Buy-in € 330

Stack: 15,000

Levels: 25 minutes

One day event

Cap 100